Recently I’ve experienced some problems with RDP when connection from Windows 7 machine to Windows XP. As I googled around I found that not only I was stuck at ‘Configuring remote session’ message. I’ve found few solutions but none of them worked for me. Finally I managed to solve my problem and decided to create this post for anyone that has similar problems.

Possible solutions

As far as I know there are three reasons why RDP client might not be able to connect to other machine and hang on ‘Configuring remote session’:

  • disable sound – there’s some glitch with sound card drivers and default RDP client in Windows (more on it here). Just disable sound in Show Options -> Local Resources -> Remote Audio -> Settings
  • disable local drives – sometimes local CD / DVD drive might cause the same thing (mentioned here). To disable it go to Show Options -> Local Resources -> Local devices and resources -> More -> disable anything You don’t need
  • constant bitmap caching setting – it was what prevented me from connecting to some (not all!) machines. To disable it go to Show Options -> Experience and deselect Persistent Bitmap Caching.

If You know any other solution share it in comments!