I just started to learn about SEO and I’ve been visiting SEOmoz site for a month or so. I’ve read beginners guide and other articles and I want to learn more!  SEOmoz 30 day free trial that gives access to all neat tools seemed at first great deal to me. Free trial period should (in theory) convince me to register with them and after my trial is over subscribe to $99/month plan. That’s what SEOmoz hopes for (probably;) ).

However, I have to say that free trial prevents me from signing up for full package and I haven’t even used it! Why? Because the free trial period seems too valuable!

Since I’m just starting in SEO I suspect that within 30 days I won’t be able to use 10% of SEOmoz tools appropriately. $99 seems much to me and I want to use this free trial as effectively as possible, thus I delay moment of registration further and further. I just don’t want to loose something I perceive valuable before I can make full use of it. It’s like loosing $99 to me.

I think that if there was free account with very limited set of tools or very basic pricing plan (like $19.99/month) I would register long time ago and maybe signed up for $99 plan already.

It’s ridiculous situation – SEOmoz gives something useful for free but I won’t take it because it seems too valuable. When I thought about it for a while I realized that it’s not the first time I was in this kind of situation. Sometimes I postpone use of discount coupons because I save them for big shopping. In the end however I never use them.

Have You ever resigned from something free because  it seemed to be worth too much to use it?